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Learn Growing Tamarind bonsai from seeds

Learn Growing Tamarind Bonsai from seeds – read tips. Tamarindus indica, the common tamarind tree is an ideal plant for making bonsai. The tree needs bright sunlight and grows well in almost all soil types.  Commonly found in African as well as South Asian countries. Usually the Tamarind trees are cultivated for shade, food and medicines. Moreover, the pulp extracted from mature pods adds flavour to cuisines.

Why is Tamarind tree the favourite of Bonsai enthusiasts?

  1. Beautiful dome shaped tree with weeping branches.
  2. Ever green small foliages, beautiful flowers and pod like fruits.
  3. Easy to grow in almost all climatic conditions.
  4. Moreover it is auspicious to keep a tamarind tree in the south – west side of house.

Learn Growing Tamarind bonsai from seeds – tips.

Step 1

Mature seeds as well as stem cuttings are used for propagation. However, we can use the former method, which is better for a faster development of the plant. Before sowing, soak the well dried seeds in warm water overnight. Usually, the softening of seed coats helps speedy germination.

Step 2

Sow the seeds in loamy soil in a pot, and spray water regularly. Germination starts within ten to fifteen days. Keep the seedling in the same pot for two to three months. It is equally important to add diluted liquid organic fertilizer at regular intervals.

Tamarind flowers
Tamarind pods and seeds

Step 3

Then transfer the plant carefully to a training pot. Also, ensure keeping it in shade. Meanwhile, the plant slowly adapts with new environment. Once the roots are fixed, new foliages begin to appear. Shift the pot gradually from shade to sunlight. Finally, transformation to your actual bonsai starts from here.

Step 4

Next, remove carefully unnecessary branches and leaves and keep only the ones required for your bonsai. Meanwhile, try different ideas for wiring branches. Periodic pruning and pinching helps retaining shape of the bonsai. Check potting medium regularly and remove extra roots. Replace the soil mixed with organic fertiliser.

Tamarind bonsai under training – wind swept style

Give careful training for a few years. Consequently your tamarind tree transforms to a beautiful art piece.Finally transfer the plant to an original bonsai pot. Also ensure proper drainage for the pot. Above all, caring is most important for a bonsai to retain its health, shape and beauty.

Tamarind bonsai after training

With this in mind, learn to grow your own Tamarind bonsai.

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