Effective Remedy for Fever – Make at Home.

Effective Remedy for Fever, make with readily available ingredients. Kitchen as well as yard around houses are good sources of home remedies. Truly, food is the first medicine, kitchen hospital and mother the Doctor. Spices and herbs are equally effective home remedies. For example, black pepper and holy basil, two things that are very important in our day today life.

Black Pepper – King of spices .

Black pepper is also known as black gold. Generally the plant is native of South Asia and grows well in tropical rainy climates. It is Kerala’s most popular cash crop too. Usually the vine like plant needs support. But much shorter variety known as Bush pepper can be cultivated in pots as well. Pepper adds flavour to veg as well as non veg dishes. Also it is a good preservative.Bush pepper plant easy growing in pots.Bush pepper in potAbove all mature dried pepper corns are long lasting. Black white and green varieties are common. The anti-oxidants and alkaloids present in pepper give it medicinal value. Besides it is a rich source of vitamin C, and anti bacterial. Certain preparations made with pepper not only cure fever but alleviate chest congestion. Moreover it is an effective remedy for skin problems. Crushed pepper cooked in coconut oil is an effective remedy for dandruff.

Holy Basil – Queen of spices.

It is an annual herb grows well in tropical areas. Similarly an aromatic plant with medicinal properties. Moreover basil plant is one of the main ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines. Also the essential oils extracted from basil is useful in many ways. For example it is a very good anti depressant. Consuming fresh leaves improves heart functioning. In addition to that, dried leaves expel insects. Consuming basil tea also boosts immunity. Similarly a paste made with turmeric and basil leaves is an effective remedy for insect bites.Furthermore, it has many cosmetic uses also. It improves hair growth and prevents dandruff. Also an effective remedy for pimples in teens.Basil plants are rich source of vitamins as well. Especially, vitamin C helps to cure fever. Likewise, inhaling vapour by putting basil leaves in boiling water relieves nasal congestion. Hence it is an effective remedy for sinusitis also. Moreover, studies proved the quality of improving immunity by consuming basil tea.Holy basil has got religious importance as well . Therefore, the leaves are used as main offering in Hindu temples.

Effective Remedy for Fever – Make with simple recipe.

Recipe for pepper basil tea.

Preparation time – ten minutes


  • Basil leaves- a handful
  • Black pepper- one tablespoon
  • Dried Ginger- one inch piece
  • Cumin seeds- half teaspoon
  • Jaggery- one tablespoon
  • Water- two cups.

How to prepare:

First crush pepper ginger and cumin seeds in a mortar . Meanwhile boil water in a pan and add all other ingredients. Keep it on a moderate flame for ten minutes. Finally, filter the basil tea and keep it warm. Consume twice or thrice daily for better effect.

Make remedy for fever with pepper basil jaggery cumin seeds etc
Ingredients for making pepper basil tea
Indeed home remedy is not an alternative for medicine. Therefore consult your physician if symptoms persist.

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