Bonsai – An ideal gift

Everyone of us, might have faced a dilemma while selecting gifts for loved ones on occasions like birthdays, house warming, wedding etc. The advantages of selecting Bonsai plants as gifts are innumerable, a few of which I will share with you.

1. The first and most important reason for recommending Bonsai plant as a gift, is its beauty and artistic look. Like any other art piece, a Bonsai is also created with dedication and caring the plant with patience.

2. Like any other material gifts such as money, gold etc.the Bonsai is also long lasting if you care it properly. Though, not common in countries like India, it is a tradition in countries like Japan and China, giving Bonsai plants as gifts. It is really amazing, that people of Japan and China keep Bonsai plants aged hundreds of years, received as gifts from their ancestors.

3. All other valuable gifts you receive, are to be kept in safe custody, whereas a Bonsai gift can be placed anywhere in your house, inside or out side, thereby remembering your loved ones whenever you happen to have a look at it.

4. It is a reality, that greens always give happiness, peace of mind and provide many health related benefits such as reducing blood pressure, depression etc.

Best Bonsai plants for gifting

Ficus bonsai

Ficus retusa bonsai

Any type of Bonsai plants, adapted to a particular place, can be selected for gifting. In tropical countries like India, different varieties of Ficus, the Jade tree, Tamarind, flowering plants like Adenium, Bougainville, Ixora etc are ideal.

If the person who receives the gift, is a fresher in the field, you can also give a bonsai kit along with the plant.

Adenium bonsai

Bougainvillea bonsai

The Bonsai plants shown in the pics, are from the collection of  Tamarind Bonsai, Kottayam.

Ixora ( Pink ) bonsai

The Jade tree bonsai. (Remember the old saying: “Jade by the door, poor no more” – as it is also known as Money tree )

The health, shape and beauty of your Bonsai depends on the way you care for it. The most important thing to be remembered while giving or receiving a Bonsai is that, both the parties should have an interest in it, otherwise all the efforts made for that will end in vain.


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