Bonsai Plants Ideal Gifts – Give and Receive.

Bonsai Plants Ideal Gifts, especially to our loved ones on occasions like birthday, wedding, house warming etc. Surely, most of us face a dilemma while selecting gifts. In such situations, with out any doubt, you can think about giving a beautiful bonsai plant. Moreover the advantages of selecting bonsai plants as gifts are innumerable, a few of which I will share with you.

1.Bonsai Plants Ideal Gifts, Why?

  • It is a beautiful art piece.

The first and most important reason for recommending Bonsai plant as a gift, is its beauty and artistic look. Certainly, like any other art piece, a Bonsai is also created with dedication, caring and patience.

  • It is long lasting.

Also like any other material gifts such as money, gold etc. the Bonsai is long lasting, if you care it properly. Though, not common in India, it is a tradition in countries like Japan and China, giving Bonsai plants as gifts. Usually, people of Japan and China keep Bonsai plants aged hundreds of years, received as gifts from their ancestors.

  • It is easy to keep anywhere.

Usually, we have to keep valuable gifts in safe custody. But we can keep a bonsai plant anywhere in our house. Also, it is quite natural to remember those who gifted it, whenever happen to have a look at it. Both indoor and outdoor bonsai plants are available.

  • Greens give health and happiness.

Moreover it is a reality, that greens always give happiness and peace of mind. Reducing blood pressure, depression, stress etc. are other health related benefits. In addition to that keeping plants indoor, freshens air by producing oxygen and absorbing toxins.

  • It is auspicious to keep a bonsai.

In addition to that, according to vastu, feng shui etc. it is auspicious to keep certain types plants. For example the Jade tree, bamboo etc

2. Bonsai Plants Ideal Gifts – Examples.

  • Ficus bonsai
Bonsai plants ideal gifts for your loved ones.
Ficus retusa bonsai.

You can select any type of bonsai plants adapted to a particular place for gifting. In tropical countries like India, different varieties of Ficus, Tamarind, the Jade tree etc can be selected. Flowering plants like Adenium, Bougainville, Ixora etc are also ideal.

After all, if the person who receives the gift, is a fresher in the field, you can also give a bonsai kit along with the plant.

  • Adenium Bonsai.
Bonsai plants ideal gifts for your loved ones.
Adenium bonsai plant.
  • Bougainvillea Bonsai.
Bonsai plants ideal gifts for your loved ones.
Bougainvillea bonsai plant.

The Bonsai plants shown in the pics, are from the collection of Tamarind Bonsai, Kottayam.

  • Ixora bonsai.
Bonsai plants ideal gifts for your loved ones.
Ixora bonsai plant – pink.
  • The Jade Tree Bonsai.
Bonsai plants ideal gifts for your loved ones.
Jade tree bonsai.

(Remember the old saying: “Jade by the door, poor no more” – as it is also known as Money tree )

3. Bonsai Plants Ideal Gifts – Give and receive with love.

Moreover, the health shape and beauty of your Bonsai depends on the way you care it. Hence, if you plan to gift a bonsai to someone, try to make it sure that if the party is really interested in it. Otherwise the effort you made for that will end in vain. Keeping all these in mind, gift beautiful bonsai plants to your loved ones. Also after learning the benefits of keeping a bonsai, get ready to receive bonsai plants from your loved ones.*******************

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