Visit Kerala – God’s own Country.

Visit Kerala – God’s own Country.

I am writing this from Kerala, the southernmost state of India, popularly known as ‘God’s own country’. Surely the reasons for this sobriquet, are uncountable, that I will try to share with you in my subsequent posts. Also I cheerfully welcome all of you to take a virtual tour, through my finite vocabulary, to this beautiful little land.

Moreover I feel much blessed to be born and brought up here – in God’s own country. It will be a wonderful experience, if you happen to visit this place, at least once in your life time.

The Backwaters of Kumarakom.

Visit Kerala – God’s own Country.

t is the tag line of the well flourished Tourism department of the state. But the title suits well to this little land, in many aspects. In the geographical map of India, Kerala is spotted as a narrow strip of land, in the south west corner. Especially with the coastal line of Arabian Sea as the western border. Ten districts out of a total of fourteen, share boarders with Arabian Sea. And the golden sandy beaches are really a treasure to our little state.

Kerala has its own traditional architectural styles.

Traditional house in Kerala.

Contrary to that, the Western Ghats is a sky touching mountain range with its lush greenery. Also it hosts abundant flora and fauna and a number of chilling hill stations in the eastern border. 41 out of the 44 rivers running through the state, are originated from the western ghats. Also the rivers are interconnected by back waters .

Usually, the monsoon lasts for about six months and adds its contribution to retain the greenery throughout the year. Poets often glorify this land as a beautiful bride dressed in green silk robe with golden border.

Tea plantation in the high ranges.

Visit Kerala – God’s own Country.

In this densely populated little state, there is a uniqueness in each and every element. For example, the cultural heritage, traditions, mouth watering cuisines, festivals, communal harmony, agriculture, higher literacy rate, literature, movies, etc.

Tapioca and fish tasty most popular dish in Kerala.

Tapioca and fish.

There is no extremes in climates for the three seasons, and life goes well as such throughout the year.

Kozhikode – One of the beautiful beaches in Kerala

The best climate to visit this place is from August to February. But monsoon tourism is well flourished in Kerala. Indeed tourists can enjoy a ride in House Boats, even in the rainy season.

Visit and experience all the goodness of this beautiful place, God’s own country.


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